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Repair and recover your Outlook PST files!

  • Recover emails, contacts, tasks, notes, and more from corrupt PST Outlook files that are damaged or inaccessible.
  • Supports MS Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 & 2000
  • New version 9 offers a wider variety of output files (PST , MSG, EML , RTF, PDF , HTML)

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Scanpst.exe The Inbox Repair Tool

scanpst.exeTechnology can be amazing, effective, efficient, and an enormous time saver. Although powerful, the technology in software programs is not perfect, and therefore it can present intermittent interruptions and difficulties in operation. Now that we have become accustomed to, and dependent upon, certain tools for business communication, it can be especially challenging when software fails to function as expected.


Being able to troubleshoot Outlook issues without the intervention of an IT can be very useful. The following instructions will guide you through some applications of Scan PST that can save time and hassles.

When Outlook resists loading properly, or cannot open personal folders, a tool that was included in the original program download (Scanpst.exe) can become very handy for a quick fix. Errors in finding the path to a PST file, or if the data file crashes upon launch, are also good indicators that Scanpst may remedy the issue.

The .PST File and the Scan PST program

Computers interpret software via abbreviations, and truncated code words, in order to have standard processes for their next step protocols. What may look like a foreign language, to those who are not intimately familiar with code writing or system troubleshooting, is simply part of the core vocabulary for a computer.

For example, some people find that they encounter occasional trouble opening data folders in Outlook while they are actively opening email. The computer recognizes Personal Folders as (.pst) files. When attempting to resolve an issue related to this information, scanpst or scan pst allows the detection and potential repair of corrupted data segments.

Personal Folder Files & scanpst.exe

Scan PST FolderScanpst.exe is an inbox tool used to diagnose and identify problematic PST files. It specifies the error location to the computer, so that it does not search through the entire mailbox. Instead, it looks only at the personal folder files to determine whether data has been corrupted or if other errors require repair.

The scanpst.exe program assesses the state of the file structure. If it is no longer organized in its appropriate structure, the Outlook inbox repair tool will reconstruct the appropriate headers after correcting the error with a reset.

Versions of Microsoft Outlook that will find this inbox repair tool useful range from 97 through 2010. These include: Outlook 97-2002, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, and Outlook 2010. Again, this inbox repair tool specifically applies to personal folders.

Finding Scanpst.exe on the Computer

The file location for the inbox repair tool is: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE12. Indicate the .pst file in question, or run a global search for .pst files. A browse button will be available for specific file identification as well. Be sure to close the Outlook program prior to launching a diagnostic report or repair.

Beginning the Scan Process

No .pst files will be affected until after an initial analysis is conducted, and the system asks for further instructions about how to proceed. Pressing the start button will begin that analysis, and launch the first step in moving toward a fix.

As a side consideration, the pst repair tool will create its own separate backup of the original .pst file. This is labeled with the same corresponding name, but with the extension .bak. It can be found in the same folder with the .pst file, and may provide a copy of the source material that remains uncorrupted.

The diagnosis is an involved process that can include up to eight segments. Logically, more severe problems will take longer to diagnose. Larger files also require more processing time.

Report & Repair

Once the diagnosis is complete, a report will become available. Clicking the button labeled ‘Details’, which corresponds to the report review, can access additional information.

Prior to executing the repair process, it is important to create a backup of the .pst file first. Most often, this file is created during the reporting phase. So, it will need to be located and named appropriately in order to ensure that it can be found again at any time. Once the backup has been created or renamed, then it is safe to start the repair.

Just as the diagnostic process includes eight steps, implementation of the repairs does as well. Those with large .pst files, particularly exceeding 3G, can expect at least 30 minutes of time to process the corrections.

Success vs. Failure

Once the repair process has concluded, the inbox repair tool will provide a status. If the repair concludes successfully, simply click OK, and then launch the Outlook program again.

In the event that the repair process does not resolve the problem the first time, it can be started again. Sometimes, the repairs simply need to run more than once.

Otherwise, back-up files can be restored to the main .pst file through copy and paste. This can also be an effective means of moving forward with a functional inbox and error-free personal files.

Avoiding Future .pst File Problems

The old adage about using an ounce of prevention instead of a pound of cure is a relevant one when it comes to valuable computer files and archives. Back-up the system and file batches often, and any possible losses will be minimized.

Does Not Compute

In the event that the Outlook repair tool does not recognize the file, one of two things could be occurring. Either the file selected for investigation or repair is not a .pst file, or the file is too severely corrupted to be salvaged by repairs that the tool can actually complete.

Also, CRC errors refer to the hard drive, rather than .pst files. When these error messages are encountered, repairs should be managed by an IT Specialist, or another certified professional in the industry.

Although error messages can occasionally disrupt the flow of work, it is helpful to know that one useful diagnostic repair tool is built directly into the Outlook program. When it becomes necessary to use this Outlook inbox repair tool, most users find that it can successfully and efficiently minimize the downtime, and salvage any affected files.

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(By clicking the Download button and installing Outlook PST Repair (16.5 MB Download, 99 USD), I acknowledge I have read and agree to the End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy of this site.