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PST File Corrupted – What Caused This?

A personal storage table, PST, is a Microsoft outlook file format. It stores calendar events, messages, and various other items. You may wonder why your PST file corrupted, Just as with nearly all other computer files, these files are prone to damage causing a loss of valuable data. Here are possible causes of a corrupt PST file, as well as ways on how to fix a corrupt PST file.

PST File Corrupted by Hardware Failure

These include storage device failure, network link problems and power failure. The presence of bad sectors where the PST file is stored damages the file. Secondly, the remote access of a PST file exposes it to damage particularly if there are problems in the network link including the server, interface cards, routers, network hubs, and any other hardware within the link. Lastly, power failure just when a user is accessing the PST file may corrupt the file.

Software Related Issues

These include improper data recovery procedures and tools, virus attacks, improper Outlook shutdown and a deficient Outlook program. Wrong file system recovery often damages often leads to the PST file corrupted. These includes overwriting with garbage data, faulty recovery tools and methods, lack of expertise in the file recovery, and incorrect combination of otherwise correct data blocks. To fix a PST file corrupted this way, use the right tools and the right recovery procedures.

Computer Virus Attacks

Virus attacks on a PST file may also lead to a corrupt PST file. A few of the common computer viruses that attack PST files include Stages virus, BleBla, worm explore zip, and Melissa. They render the PST file inaccessible. To deal with this problem, install quality and licensed anti-virus software to fix corrupt PST file, and prevent future attacks.

Wrong Shutdown Procedure

Normally, one shuts down Outlook by saving all the changes made to the PST file, and then exiting the program. However, not following the mentioned procedure may result in a corrupt PST file. Wrong shutdown procedures include using the task manager to close the program abruptly, power failure as mentioned earlier and a hasty computer shutdown without first safely closing the Outlook program. To avoid corrupting the file, one should invest in an UPS unit, prevent abrupt shutdown and follow the correct shutdown procedures.

Design Problem

Lastly, a problem with the Outlook program itself could potentially result in a corrupt PST file. With Outlook programs 97-2002, which solely utilizes ANSI code, damage occurs to the PST file if the size approaches or exceeds 2GB. However, with personal and communication data increasing every single day, the size of the PST file has proportionally increased. Installing the available fixes and patches to the program will fix the deficiency. Alternatively, use Outlook 2003 onwards, which, with Unicode, allows PST file storage sizes of up to 20GB.

The most common causes of corrupt PST files are due to software and hardware problems, as well as human errors. To eliminate the first two problems, you should invest in quality hardware and anti-virus programs. For human errors, following the proper shutdown procedures will most certainly minimize the chances of damaging the file.

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(By clicking the Download button and installing Outlook PST Repair (16.5 MB Download, 99 USD), I acknowledge I have read and agree to the End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy of this site.